Monday, August 15, 2011

It's the traveling smoothie..... OF DEATH!

Just kidding. You won't find any cyanide pills in this smoothie. I found out (by virtue of obsessively checking my "stats," whatever that means) that I've been tagged by the traveling smoothie (splashed all over my good shirt, no doubt). For those who don't know, this is a game in which there's a blank drawing of a smoothie, like this one:

And then you color it in, using only your trackpad and MS Paint. I was tagged by hornetunderwater. And since I'm a wizard, I was able through the fruits of my labor (and my wand) to turn her name into a Portkey. All those who get the joke, go ahead and click it. All those who don't, stay put. (*slaps knee* Oh God, I am so funny. If you got that Harry Potter reference without looking it up, by the way, let me know. There will be prizes.)

Anyway, here's my smoothie.

Obviously, this is a strawberry-kiwi-raspberry-blueberry-grape-apricot-mango-cherry smoothie. I dare one of you guys to go make a smoothie with all those ingredients and then report back.

And, I dare the following five bloggers to make their own smoothie. Ready.....set......GO! *ceremonial gunshot*

The Girl In Clunky Black Boots

Fiddling Dressage Chick


Screaming Giraffe (forgive me, I don't know what else to call you. Follow me, and then correct me in the comments? *puppy dog eyes* ....I feel like a telemarketer now O.o)


Again, please nobody get their feelings hurt if you didn't get picked. I literally just put all my friends' blogs in a hat (the names of their blogs, I mean. I didn't literally put their blogs in a hat. That would be a pretty epic hat, though. Can somebody get a patent on that?) and picked five. So if you really, desperately want to get picked, let me know and for my next tag, I'll try to remember to tag you :)

Everyone happy now? Good! As always, if there's a topic you guys want to see me do a post on, feel free to let me know (*ahem* I'm definitely not completely starved for ideas, if that's what you're suggesting).

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