Contact Me!

In case it should ever strike your fancy to contact me for any reason. Here's how to do it.

My e-mail address is This is because Remus Lupin (of Harry Potter fame) is the greatest literary character who ever lived, and also because bashing Twilight is so mainstream now that this e-mail address now qualifies as awesomely ironic. And you all know I love irony.

You can also G-chat me if you want, but please don't send me the ever-popular message of "hey." Variants include, "hey, what's up?" "hey, what are you up to?" and "hey, what's going on?" You know why? Because if you send that, I can't tell if you're some pedophile from Desmoines or an actual reader. Please identify yourself.

Also, please don't try to find me on and stalk me. Please don't add me to your contacts and send me chain mail. And please don't try to send me a letter or a package of any kind. Especially this kind.